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  • Pathways of Qi – HeartMind Qigong Level One


    Pathways of Qi – HeartMind Qigong Level One


    Create grounding and balance in your life! Enhance your life force energy! Resolve challenges! Manifest your dreams! In this 12 hour workshop we discover the life energy channels of body, mind and spirit. We fortify the energy in those meridian pathways with life affirming Qi! We discover how to Flow with grace and ease through life’s many twists and turns. We Discover the power and beauty of the Pathways of Qi. Classical Qigong, Meridian Tapping, Meridian Meditations cultivate healthy, peaceful, flowing energy throughout body, mind and spirit. Ease your pain, overcome challenges, and promote health and personal empowerment. Learn the basic form of the Meridian Qigong practice and how you can become a Qigong teacher to bring this fun, engaging and life affirming practice back to your community!

    Based on classical Qigong teachings and the book Pathways of Qi, by Matthew Sweigart, this training by the author, brings the power of the meridians into your life!

    Add Matwork Mastery for a complete six days of learning, at our combined registration page and save!

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