Strength, Balance, Power

Meridian Gesture Qigong


Online Guided At-home Practice

With Matthew Sweigart, CI

Are you feeling lonely, listless, and sad during this pandemic? Here is a practice you can do on your own to lift your spirits, calm your anxiety, and help you enjoy your alone time.

Besides the contagion, you can suffer from a myriad of stress-related symptoms during this epic shut down. Yet, there’s never been a better time for you to find a way to reduce your stress with a simple self-care practice. Implementing simple, effective stress-reduction solutions are now within your grasp.

In order to shift your energy to feel clear, connected and alert, it’s essential to create nourishing “me time” each day. At the same time stay connected with your friends and loved ones far and wide, both in your heart, and using the power of the world wide web.

Sharing the joys and benefits of a healthy, regular practice to develop strength, balance and power can give you the support you need in challenging times.

Life is worth living. It’s your birthright to have a life filled with joy and personal freedom, even in the midst of adversity. By dedicating time and energy to an enlivening practice you can experience vastly improved quality of life! Develop reliable inner strength, maintain balance and poise as the world pulls you this way and that, and connect to an inner source of power.

Time-honored, effective self-care helps you reduce your stress, build strength, balance and power, and gain grounded confidence in body, mind and spirit.

Strength, Balance, Power – Meridian Gesture Qigong offers you an easy at-home, self-care activity to help you develop inner strength, centered balance and get grounded in a source of power. You can convert pain to pleasure with the consistent practice of this time-honored, enjoyable breathing, movement and mindfulness method. Overcome aches, pains, frustrations, loneliness, listlessness, sadness, fears and get out of most any rut in which you may find yourself.

Join our ongoing class now! Transcend your day-to-day grind, reduce your stress, break the isolation and separateness, and improve your overall well being, breath by breath!

Strength, Balance, Power – Meridian Gesture Qigong Live classes are broadcast online three times a week; Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 11am to Noon (Pacific Time). As a subscriber, you can attend live, or watch the recording of the class at your convenience!

Maybe You Find Yourself…

  • Hanging around the house, bored, listless, feeling like life is passing you by…
  • Living “pay check-to-pay check,” worrying all the time about things like food and money…
  • Running your household for your family, while being nobly self-sacrificing…
  • Raising or worrying about the kids, but never taking time for your own creative expression…
  • Going from project to project, but not honoring your own personal needs…
  • Chained to a sense of obligation, without a lot of room to breathe!

When you take time for yourself is it…

  • Consumed by things that drain you rather than feed you?
  • Do you find yourself binge eating junk food, or maybe streaming news and videos?
  • Do you feel like you are just dropping into the old rabbit hole of mindless activities?

Do you feel like all these “health-nut fads” are just too much?

Does eating right, exercising, and meditating just sound like a chore?

If results from your current routines are leaving you unsatisfied and annoyed, and you find yourself suffering from symptoms like:

  • unwanted weight gain,
  • rebellious bowels,
  • achy joints,
  • stiffness and generalized body pain,
  • small details keeping you awake at night,
  • suffering from malaise and having no motivation to do anything to better yourself…
Then you’ll be glad to learn that you don’t have to suffer from all this any longer! You can CHANGE this, easily and joyfully!

If you knew you could:

move away from feeling stuck and toxic toward being nourished and thriving
move from being confused with a lack of self-direction to being self-possessed and sovereign
move from being frightened and anxious to being calm and peacefully alert
move from being isolated and alone to being warm and connected with your community
move from being frustrated and indecisive to being clear, focused and making life choices aligned with your inner truth

Strength, Balance, Power

Meridian Gesture Qigong!

Broadcasting live on Zoom three times a week.
Monday’s 8:30am, Wednesdays and Fridays at 4:30pm! (All classes, Pacific Time.) 
Attend live, or get access to recordings to watch at your convenience! 

All this and more is the promise of a consistent practice of Meridian Gesture Qigong.

It’s a personal exercise and meditation practice, that becomes a “non-negotiable.”

It’s fun, enjoyable, challenging (in a good way), deep and satisfying and it helps you bring vital life energy to every challenge that faces you.

Of course there’s no guarantee that this is a cure-all for all your troubles, but if you keep doing things the way you’ve been doing them, you will continue to get the same results! If you want new results, you need a powerful new practice to help you on your way.

Qigong practice is a time honored way to cultivate your connection to your true deep self, and a continuous expansion of your inner vision and clarity.

Meridian Gesture Qigong guides you confidently in your personal growth and discovery. It gets you out of that old “going-nowhere” rut, into a fun, enjoyable experience of life that brightens even the gloomiest day.  And gives you direct access to a sustaining source of vital, life energy to meet all your challenges with grace and style, and energy to burn!

Meet your teacher

Matthew Sweigart, is the creator of Meridian Gesture Qigong. A Certified Asian Bodywork Therapist, his work has been shaped by more than dozen master Qigong teachers from all over the world. With many of them, he noticed a missing piece; a deep application of the knowledge of the meridian channels and their full expression, physically, mentally and spiritually. It became his passion to develop a program that would address this, and bring the power of the meridian system into your daily practice.

The Meridian Gesture Qigong online class brings this powerful practice to you in live video training with Matthew, up to three times a week. You get direct access to Matthew’s in depth teaching and warm, caring approach to health and wellness.

His book Pathways of Qi, and his Meridian Gestures and Functions Chart describe the system in detail, and are the perfect at home companions for the online Meridian Gesture Qigong class. Join the live video training today, and allow this valuable system to improve your life today!

Two levels of Membership

Basic Membership


Pick your preferred day and access ONE Qigong class per week!

Full Membership


Access to all THREE weekly Qigong classes every week!

In addition to the ongoing Meridian Gesture Qigong group practice, Matthew offers various training courses and individual counseling. Please inquire regarding scheduling and fees if you would like further study or individual attention for your unique situation.

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