Meridian Gesture Qigong

Mindful Movement for Balance and Confidence!


With Matthew Sweigart, CI

Would You Like to Increase the Feelings of…

  • • Energized • Alertness  • Confidence   • Full of vitality  • Breathing Deeply   • Able to Balance

When You Take Time for Yourself
Do You…

  • • Nurture your inner life?
  • • Enjoy nourishing meals, healthy snacks, and staying hydrated?
  • • Or… do you drop into that good old, proverbial rabbit hole… however that might look for you?

Does your personal exercise routine bring you deep fulfillment?

Do you suffer from annoying symptoms like…

  •      unwanted weight gain,
  •      rebellious bowels,
  •      achy joints,
  •      stiffness and body pain,
  •      small details keeping you awake at night,
  •      suffering from malaise with no motivation to better yourself…?
With Meridian Gesture Qigong we help you address all these annoying symptoms
with a unique and beautiful movement meditation that helps your on your path to living with ease and joy!

If you knew you could:

 be nourished and thriving through delightful movement!
move toward being more self-possessed and sovereign!
move  toward being more calm and peacefully alert!
solve those nagging feelings of isolation by joining a warm and connected community!
and find yourself becoming clear, focused and making life choices aligned with your inner truth

Meridian Gesture Qigong

Mindful Movement Merriment

Broadcasting live on Zoom three times a week.
Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11:00am! And Wednesday at 5pm
(All classes, Pacific Time.) 

Attend live or get access to our class recordings archive
and watch at your convenience! 

A consistent practice of Meridian Gesture Qigong promises:

to become a personal exercise and meditation practice that helps you build confidence, balance and strength!”

It’s fun, enjoyable, challenging (in a good way), deep and satisfying and it helps you bring vital life energy to every aspect of your life.

Of course it’s not a cure-all for all your troubles, but it’s a step in the right direction. If you want new growth in your life, you need a powerful practice to help you on your way. Qigong practice is a time honored way to cultivate your connection to your true self, and supports a continuous expansion of your physical well-being.

Meridian Gesture Qigong guides you into a fun, enjoyable experience of life that can brighten even a gloomy day.  With regular practice, it gives you access to a sustaining source of vital, life energy. With that you can meet your challenges with grace and style, and energy to burn!

Meet your teacher

Matthew Sweigart, is the creator of Meridian Gesture Qigong. A Certified Asian Bodywork Therapist, his work has been shaped by more than dozen master Qigong teachers from all over the world. With many of them, he noticed a missing piece; a deep application the meridian channels and their expression, physically, mentally and spiritually. It became his passion to develop a program that would address this, and bring the power of the meridian system into your daily practice. He also enjoys a background in gymnastics, ballet, singing musical theater and opera and has been known to pepper his classes with delightful show tunes and musical styling!

The Meridian Gesture Qigong online class brings this powerful practice to you live, in video training with Matthew, up to three times a week. You get direct access to Matthew’s in depth teaching and warm, caring approach to health and wellness.

His book Pathways of Qi, and his Meridian Gestures and Functions Chart describe the system in detail, and are the perfect at home companions for the online Meridian Gesture Qigong class. And his 12 Hour Introductory video course can provide an excellent foundation for the practice. Join the live video training today, and allow this valuable system to improve your life today!

Two levels of Membership

Basic Membership

Attend once a week for $37/month

 Access one Qigong class per week!

Full Membership

Three classes per week for $97/month

Access THREE Qigong classes every week!

In addition to the ongoing Meridian Gesture Qigong group practice, Matthew offers various training courses and individual counseling. Please inquire regarding scheduling and fees if you would like further study or individual attention for your unique situation.

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