The Bodywork Bistro is a walk-in bodywork studio in downtown Boulder that holds a unique niche in the spa market. With no appointment necessary, they offer a full range of massages whether it’s 10 minutes in a chair or a full 90 minutes of relaxation on the table or mat. And bonus! Some of the therapists there offer HeartMind Bodywork!
Healing Spirits is a unique massage training program that delivers a quality education in a small, community oriented environment. Their inspiring courses combine practical technique with inner wisdom in a 5-day per month format designed to fit into a busy schedule.
Zen Shiatsu Chicago Since 1988, Zen Shiatsu Chicago has set the standard for professional shiatsu education in Illinois.  Their school offers a complete Shiatsu Certification Program qualifying graduates for the credentials required for legal practice, as well as Continuing Education for Massage Therapy and other professions.  Our lead instructor, Matthew Sweigart, also teaches here.
Dr. Roger Jahnke, with 30 years of practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine, plus 45 years of Tai Chi and Qigong practice, will show you how to claim your promises of Qi and turn on “the healer within.” You will feel better, be more creative, and access inner peace. You will have the energy to enjoy life’s precious moments, and meet its less pleasant challenges with grace. It is easy, and you can do it from your own home.  Roger has been a teacher to us in our own understanding and cultivation of qi.
AOBTA The American Organization for Bodywork Therapies of Asia is a non-profit, professional membership organization representing instructors, practitioners, schools and programs, and students of Asian Bodywork Therapy.  The HeartMind team is in the midst of getting our program approved by them.
Downtown Grass Valley is the home of our California trainings and our lead instructor himself, Matthew Sweigart.  Get more information about the goings-on of the town here!
Downtown Boulder is a vibrant hub in a progressive and inspiring city that is home to our Colorado trainings.  It’s hard not to find something cool to do or see!